If content is king, content distribution is the jewel in its crown

If content is king, content distribution is the jewel in its crown

I must admit, after recent changes (read: sulking) over the facebook algorithm for brands and what-not, my faith in the done-to-death expression; 'content is king' had started to wane. 

I was starting to face facts that content distribution was at the very least vying for queen status, if it hadn't already overthrown the king in the content marketing royal fam. 

I was at peace with paying for eyeballs that were targeted, relevant and contextual to a specific audience.

However, I had contributed past successful posts to the fact that paid ads were running simultaneously, and that it wasn't really the content propelling people to engage. I was wrong.

Yesterday, something happened that restored my faith and proved killer content and content distribution can live harmoniously together, nay, need each other to thrive.

Promoted posts: I'm a belieber

Two posts, two content types, one brand, promoted to similar audiences on the same day.

You can lead a horse to water etc etc. Ie. You can serve your content to the masses but if it's not engaging, well, no one will engage with it (why would they?!)

The above posts were posted and promoted on the same day. One, a simple meme running social commentary, the second, your run-of-the-mill salesy article. 

Let's compare the pair below. we'll call them clever meme & boring article.

Boring article reached an audience of 36,000+ in the first 24 hours. Just 128 of those impressions were organic. I was relatively happy with that for a new brand page that's not the most riveting on the WWW.

My friends and I, we've cracked the code

- Lorde

Within 24 hours, clever meme reached an audience of 180,000 people. Organic views dominated with 145,000 compared to roughly 35,000 paid. This blew me away. 

The share-ability of clever meme, which btw, newsjacked Perth's Krispy Kreme frenzy, was propelled by timeliness and relevance to the target audience.

This is a win for all content marketers who are made feel like their editorial calendars and strategies have to be planned down to the nth degree. Stay vigelant, stay creative and your content marketing + distribution formula will have you cracking the code too.

Contrary to what I used to think, we're not paying for likes or engagement here. We're paying to distribute content to a relevant audience who are smart enough to make up their own minds and do with your content what they will. And that's A-OK!

Which leads me to my final thought...

An emoji too far? Social media mismanagement

An emoji too far? Social media mismanagement

The KFC facebook shrine

The KFC facebook shrine