2016 AFL Players' Awards: Most Relatable — Adam Treloar

2016 AFL Players' Awards: Most Relatable — Adam Treloar

A tale of red jocks, shaved legs and The Simpsons.

The AFL Players’ Association MVP Awards take place tonight. Last year, Fremantle superstar Nat Fyfe won a second straight Leigh Matthews Trophy, voted by his peers.

The categories include Most Valuable Player, Best First Year Player and Most Courageous Player — with Geelong's Patrick Dangerfield the red hot MVP favourite.

While Dangerfield has demonstrated to be a genuine lad in his own right: 

If there were a category for the AFL's Most Relatable Player, Adam Treloar would win in a canter. Here's why.

Adam's freak out before interviewing his idol The Rock back in 2014 was all of us.

Adam and the Collingwood boys play legit Yu-Gi-Oh! card games. Relatable AF.


The boy has a superstition or two. Wouldn't we all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

“(I have to) wear red jocks, shave my legs, watch The Simpsons and put my clothes on left side to right side first.
“I give myself half an hour to prepare (for a game). While I’m in the shower, I can chuck the DVD on the laptop and watch The Simpsons while I sit on the toilet and shave my legs at the same time.
“I’m really experienced now — I don’t tend to cut my legs anymore.”

Adam Treloar loses it when his favourite NBA player requests a trade. Ironic but R.E.L.A.T.A.B.L.E

Then does what any true fan would — follow KD to the Warriors.

It's come!!! My boy KD. #bandwagon

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Fun fact: Treloar owns 100+ NBA jerseys.

Adam gives more to the media than your stock standard athlete AKA dropped truth bombs about Richmond's playing list.

”I never once had a dig at Richmond,” the 22-year-old said.
“I thanked them heaps for there (sic) interest and effort in me and I wish them nothing but the best ... “
“(There’s) so much more important things in life than football ... think about your priorities and stuff that is going on in the world, rather then (sic) having a crack at someone over a game that we play.”

Too real: Adam's dogs have their own Instagram account.

Thanks for always carrying me Dad, even though I'm a mammoth 🐏

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Football = Family

Pretty cut and dry, no? Got a better pick for the AFL's Most Relatable or any other category? Tell us below!

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